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"Trump's supporters don't care. They're the real bad people! His supporters are bad. They are ruining America. :("

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But not before Her first load hit me in the chin neck and upper chest. My fingers from biikni left hand still bunched up in her ass and she squeezed again.

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Nikozilkree 8 months ago
Sounds as if you simply don't understand natural selection, or you don't understand the fundamental principles of physics.
JoJojinn 8 months ago
Yes, sergei--you are incredibly ineffective.
Gorisar 7 months ago
Both political Party's are dying. The 2 Party system is going extinct.
Zulujar 7 months ago
Yes, when the Old Testament wraps up, or certainly by the end of Maccabees, the Israelites are winners. The Kingdom has been restored. The temple has been rebuilt. The Torah and prophets are honoured. They are God's people once again.
Mule 7 months ago
hahaha awww you dont think I nice ... *kicking rocks :(
Tauran 7 months ago
Religion has law, sacraments, ceremony and in some cases personal sacrifice.
Nale 6 months ago
Annie Oakley had a rifle at a much younger age (15 ).
Fekasa 6 months ago
So men came up with God's laws?
Taulkis 6 months ago
you're doing it again - you claim absolute truth is a false premise - you're still making a truth claim- still contradicting yourself
Zulujar 6 months ago
What is your source for declaring 1.3% as real GDP growth for China in 2015?


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