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Transgender people in public places watch online

Transgender people in public places
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Transgender people in public places

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Grobar 6 months ago
This is nothing. I was engaged with jgarbuz, the classic debate with the village idiot. It's what happens when you are retired, it's raining, and basically just waiting for tomorrow when all your kids and grandkids are visiting. Sometime I feel ashamed teasing the idiot, but then again...what the hell, they choose to be the village idiot.
Zululabar 5 months ago
The bible has been tested, and been found wanting. Confirms what you believe is the truth, but it doesn't match reality or evidence.
Shakajind 5 months ago
I am a disappointing German who perfers wine, but I still wear the outfit :p
Tonos 5 months ago
Kill unbelievers who are killing you.
Tagami 5 months ago
Yeah, after he originally said the challenge occurred when he was 13.
Kajiktilar 5 months ago
Our problem !
Arabei 5 months ago
Here's Snopes factcheck on Manafort & Pence.
Zulurg 4 months ago
Have you always loved pathological liars?
Vudolkree 4 months ago
Did you miss the part that without Him you will choose to do evil? You and I sin everyday, something has to be done to correct that, considering the He is an Holy Righteous God that demands perfection from His creation, and we have failed miserably, there is only one way to rectify that; God Himself would have to impart His character and holiness to that creation, He does so through the blood of Christ, we receive that by simply believing that Christ died for our sins (He pays our sin debt to God), and that he was buried (He leaves our sins in the grave), and that He rose from the dead the third day (He brings justification before God for you) all done by Him for you to just believe it. As for ?tithes?, you have a need to read the scriptures of what and why they were instituted. If you don?t want to believe the scriptures, then why ever comment on anything pertaining to it, for if people want to believe, that is their choice.
Vum 4 months ago
Adam and Eve were NOT white Europeans.


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