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Lesbian stories ABDL watch online

Lesbian stories ABDL
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"What's embarrassing is when you almost say the word "LOL" in response to something funny, but catch yourself before you actually do!"

Bridgette B Fucks Another Man While Her Husband Watches

Ok that was no good. So I leaned back in as she had not even noticed the sensations had left her. I found her clit and sucked hard on it till I could feel it pulsate with her heart rate and I bit her.

I took that engorged bundle of nerve and mashed it in my molars. She screamed in both pleasure and horror. She tried to kick me off of her but that only brought more of each. I then started to hump and move it around with my tongue again.

This both soothed and brought her arousal back. I sucked deeply again. Then as I held on I told her to lay still. She understood exactly what I was saying because her next thought was perfect.

Bind her so she can't move "Tie me up so I can't move if you want to" Who am I to disagree.

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Lesbian stories ABDL
Lesbian stories ABDL
Lesbian stories ABDL

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Bazshura 2 months ago
I'm not the one saying that here.
Bacage 2 months ago
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Gak 2 months ago
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Kagagis 1 month ago
Lol its gonna be a boatload of trouble lol
Nakazahn 1 month ago
I disagree. We are not all to blame. I was not there, neither were you.
Kazirr 1 month ago
I just posted it in the other room for the other boys to enjoy
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