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Shi black pornstar gallery reefs
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"Look what you said. You are implying that nothing created the universe. Your argument is circular. Science nor logic accepts that something came from nothing. You will say the Big Bang was the cause, but what was the cause of the Big Bang?"

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Shi black pornstar gallery reefs
Shi black pornstar gallery reefs

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Doudal 3 months ago
So it's not the event, it's the event because of the sex of the people involved. So let's please drop the "discriminating against an event, not a person" smokescreen.
Sagor 3 months ago
You wrote: "But God's uppermost teaching is that He is real. If people don't think He is real, that is 100% God's fault."
Nisida 3 months ago
There are no reasons why he hates science so much.
Fele 2 months ago
We now have evidence of non-intelligent intelligence.
Kijin 2 months ago
O. M. G.


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