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Rich bitch punished Analmal Education watch online

Rich bitch punished Analmal Education
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Rich bitch punished Analmal Education

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Akikazahn 7 months ago
Me too.. so what are u doing
Nalrajas 7 months ago
I find Tantrum's rants disgusting especially considering how close this is to home for us here in Iowa.
Dazilkree 7 months ago
Our immigration policy is a problem, and frankly both parties are responsible for inaction. While I agree with Trump's general assertion that reform is needed now, he is just as culpable as Congress. And while it's absolutely true that the murder of Tibbetts, as well as Steinle's and all the others could have been avoided if we clamped down on our borders, the crime committed by illegals is no worse than the major crime and murder wave happening in urban areas. Chicago and its environs is only the best know example, but most cities have seen crime climb over the last few years...
Dakus 7 months ago
Not too sure about that, being a lie by Mathew, much may have been manipulated later to fit an agenda. ?? ??
Vugis 6 months ago
And socialism just creates just have nots. LOL!
Nedal 6 months ago
I know what it says. If you want to discuss something, pick one.


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