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Africa SEXX photo Sperm
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"They are paying for only part of the externality. The rest of it is being borne by society. It's a valid question for society to consider whether they want to keep doing that or whether they want to make Amazon (or other employers) shoulder more (or all ) of that externality."

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Africa SEXX photo Sperm
Africa SEXX photo Sperm

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Yozshumi 7 months ago
Late to the party xD
Migar 6 months ago
i left this out its good for depresison take a vitamin b 6 that vitamin works very well to eeze any depression most of all go for a 20 minute walk . exercise such as walking makes the brain produce & relase chemicals that makes stress , depression & anxiety VANISH ALL DAY LONG
Gagore 6 months ago
heeeeeee I need to find you a video that has this these guys in them.
Zulubar 6 months ago
Hahah. funny, I was just talking about the pic. :D
Daimi 6 months ago
You're so very welcome..... (:
Meziktilar 6 months ago
Well, aren?t you simply overflowing with love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, faithfulness and self-control? (Sarcasm) Since you are obviously not imbued with the Holy Spirit, I will gladly go upon my path.
Fenrizuru 6 months ago
That picture is that Adam ? ?? ??
Bak 6 months ago
Reality can be made known without knowing the scientific method.
Africa SEXX photo Sperm


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