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"You are so bad at this. You need to go back to Russian propaganda school."

Not broken. Ok that was no Fefish. So I leaned back in as she had not even noticed the sensations had left her. I found her clit and sucked hard on it till I could feel it pulsate with her heart rate and I bit her.

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Fetish rubbers used condoms
Fetish rubbers used condoms

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Tesar 6 months ago
Of course a lunatic doesn't need a gun to kill people. Having a gun, though, makes it easier. Do you think the Las Vegas shooter could have killed as many people as he did with a knife? As long as people are people, they'll find reasons to kill other people, sadly. So shouldn't we a) try and get them the help they need before they snap (aka better healthcare, especially mental healthcare) and b) make it as difficult as possible for them to commit mass slaughter by limiting access to instruments of mass slaughter (aka guns)?
Kajishakar 6 months ago
There are deadly weapons which are much more convenient than guns. There is a gun present in something like 40% of US households but I bet the number is close to 99.99% when it comes to knives the household and probably pretty close to 75% when it comes to households where someone owns a car. So, no, a gun is not the most convenient deadly weapon available to the public. You're going to have to put some more brain power into it than that.
Gardall 6 months ago
I was too embarrassed to mention I had been there too getting blackmail material ??????
Mikarg 6 months ago
And now, I shall use them to seduce you. ????
Kajizil 6 months ago
For Christians and members of all the other intolerant religions, yes.
Fetish rubbers used condoms


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