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"I dedicate this morning's memory tune to Michael Cohen & the entire Trump cabal."

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JAPA nudist photo

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Tekazahn 6 months ago
Hey PHX....chow so cold
Magal 6 months ago
I've had a passel of near death experiences when I had a bout with gangrene a few years back, not worried, sorry. Aren't YOU going to be surprised, when you die, though,lol. I'm not into lying, cheating and all sorts of wrongs, thanks, but I am into the truth. God, if he exists, doesn't care about Saul's religion. In acts, they talk about the prophecy of Isaiah being the justification of their ministry, but the new covenant it predicts isn't for those who don't convert to Judaism and practice the law. Read the whole damned thing. It tells you what God expects out of foreigners that will be recruited in this preaching to the nations thing. Guess what, you ain't included unless you've converted to a Jew, and are offering burnt offerings and sacrifices, but don't believe me, actually read it.
Mazumi 6 months ago
cool you sing
Kilkis 6 months ago
Thank you I tried ..haha
Masar 6 months ago
They were not added -- Luther *removed* them.
JAPA nudist photo


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