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Hypnosis spirals dominance watch online

Hypnosis spirals dominance
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"Even if these were true, that's two people in three years that people are trying to rally behind to find a scapegoat for their xenophobia?"

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Hypnosis spirals dominance
Hypnosis spirals dominance

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Dairamar 1 month ago
Religious based hatred/ intolerance would be more accurate.
Faezahn 1 month ago
Yeah, but they don't believe me when I quote that stat. It's odd how ignorant useful idiots can be of 20th century history.
Kibei 3 weeks ago
Slavery is fine so long as it is not your group enslaved. That's what I take away from the slavery rules in the bible.
Samushicage 2 weeks ago
".... daughters... why didn't I only have girls?"
Tygobar 1 week ago
Oh, I get it. You just want mindless eye candy.
JoJotilar 1 week ago
*acts coy* no :)
Faurn 2 days ago
I did so. Sorry you're to lazy to be bothered with it.


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