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"It?s weird that you think that your god makes you ?pure of heart and loving.? Interestingly, most federal prisoners are Christian."

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kick ass venison chili Jim
kick ass venison chili Jim

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Gokree 3 months ago
Rome wasn't built in a day & minds don't change over night.
Samulmaran 3 months ago
No kidding. I'm so glad that's not my problem any more.
Tygokus 3 months ago
Neither should secular ideology be forced on children by people who are not their parents.
Molkis 3 months ago
I haven't had my fill quite yet. Maybe someday lol
Shagar 3 months ago
Don Jr published the emails that prove conspiracy to collude a long time ago.
JoJojora 2 months ago
There's no difference. You might want to look into that, you know? Just for kicks, if nuttin else.
Kegul 2 months ago
Sadly I've come across this far too often. When I point out that God very clearly condones slavery in the OT the first thing I often hear is that "This wasn't like MODERN slavery... it was an indentured servitude that you were eventually released from."


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