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"Well, I'm glad you believe that to be so, but I don't really find that a convincing argument myself. It simply adds an unnecessary layer of complexity when, to me, the reality doesn't need that layer to be understood or explained."

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Kesida 7 months ago
My brother has spent 20yrs working with the WHO around the world. I'll get him to send some data/facts. I should have thought of this sooner.
Vull 7 months ago
Don Jr's email thread was published over a year ago, al--and the proof is right in there.
Dukree 7 months ago
Do you actually know his mom or is this just another personal attack & lie you've posted?
Groll 7 months ago
Tks for your input.
Tozahn 6 months ago
I?ll take Pence for the next 6 years!
Talmaran 6 months ago
it looks like Apple Corp invented HAL after all.
Akigar 6 months ago
Perhaps because it is true and folks should know these things?
lexi Lapetina


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