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Oral wife
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"Why are killing pregnant people?"

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She smiled at me and in that girlish voice again, said; "I'm full. This feels so perfect. Your dick so amazing. " And then she started to move on her own. Her hips were grinding from side to side and she was pushing against me just enough so that we could both feel me shift and move around inside her.

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Oral wife
Oral wife
Oral wife

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Ket 7 months ago
Woodrow Wilson was decades before Lyndon B Johnson and the Civil Rights of 1964. Obviously the KKK identified with the Democratic Party back in 1913 to 1921 under Woodrow, not the democratic party of today or the last several decades.
Yojind 7 months ago
Sithrak...s/he/they MUST believe in Sithrak!
Akijin 7 months ago
that sucks some times shy guys are the betters ones we are overlooked ):
Tuzahn 7 months ago
See ya after my vacation. 3 days for ongoing ad Homs and will be more if it ever becomes mod bashing.
Tolkree 7 months ago
You use secular historic accounts to prove the Bible got it right.
Tygobei 7 months ago
I do not. during the American Revolution,King George of England scoffed at the idea that the "rabble" could govern themselves, and I have come to understand that he was right. In 1920, a man named H.L. Mencken said "ON some glorious day, the plain people of the country will reach their heart's desire, and the White House will be adorned by a complete moron!" We have reached that.


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