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"Scroll up to find the exact same text that both of us wrote. That's called a retort."

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As I climbed onto the bed I hesitated to move over her. I could not resist any longer. I just had to know how she tasted. My head moving between her legs before she understood what was happening. I touched her sex mound with my mouth and I lost control. Tongue and teeth ravaging in her pussy as if I was just now getting my first ever taste.

It took me a moment to regain control. As I slowed and worked myself into rhythm; I then added one finger to the for play. Then another and yet another after a few moments. I had her undulating and gasping for breath by the time my other hand got into position and started on her ass.

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Anial lick fest
Anial lick fest

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Nahn 6 months ago
I have been atheist since early childhood. She knew full well beforehand.
Nagis 6 months ago
It's all good you more fine now ??
Mazilkree 6 months ago
I hope I brought out the monopoly money
Kazrazil 6 months ago
It isn't a 'christian value' to be open minded about other faiths. You somehow managed to filter that concept into your ' christian values' though, didn't you?
Faeran 6 months ago
Why SHOULD they consider it when what she said was accurate?
Bazilkree 6 months ago
K mart started going out of business back when my kids weren't even out of elementary school, Sears has been hailed as going down because of bad management, Toys R US was and has always been an expensive place to shop for toys.
Mikaktilar 5 months ago
Ass, grass, or gas... everybody pays ??????
Anial lick fest


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