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"That's a cracker! I'm "God-Father" to two children of friends... Separate families. One RC, one CofE. Both sets of parents are well acquainted with my views on religion."

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She gave me this evil look and said to me; "Watch, I'll fit all of you in there" She grabbed my wrists as I moved up to get my hands full of her tits. She started to move slowly. It was an amazing feeling, the way she moved up and down.

I will never be able to describe the sensation. As she picked up speed so she did with the length of my cock. The movement was a thing of absolute beauty. She started to sweat. Her hair becoming matted to her head, and the outside length seemed to ebb and flow like the waves made as tide on a beach.

More of me was moving in and out of her and at the same time she was angling so that the mushroom was reaching different pressure points along both our sex organs.

We were gaining speed and a sense of urgency as she moved along. I was feeling cunt walls start to grip me differently.

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Missionary sex act
Missionary sex act
Missionary sex act
Missionary sex act

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Mesida 6 months ago
So you were clutching the corpse at the time?
Nakinos 6 months ago
In a universal single payer system, all doctors would be working for the government at prices determined by the government, private practice would be illegal.
Ketaur 6 months ago
Ummm...??...those werent tide pods??
Digami 6 months ago
Dude, you're literally talking to yourself, lol.


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