Services & Bath Remodeling

Service & Repairs:  Call 702-645-0379

Faucets, toilets, bath/shower valves. We recommend replacing kitchen and vanity faucets if over 10 years old. We have found from experience it costs less in labor to replace than to repair older faucets. However some faucets are meant to be kept and we can repair most faucets. 

Water heater replacement ( residential ). Softeners installed or replaced.We don’t discriminate. We’ll install yours, ours or theirs.


Our price begins at 50.00 minimum up to 75.00 during these economic hard times for a typical service call ( within the first hour) and pro-rated every 15 minutes thereafter. Work over a 4 hour period may be reduced by 10 percent.  The more work the more you save. See Discounts and See Beware

No travel charge in the North West Valley, time begin at the knock of your door. No travel charge if we need additional materials unless it’s a special order item or items.
However 35.00 trip charge maybe applied for quotes no charge for phone estimates (estimates are just that an estimate your actual cost may be higher or lower.

Permits our required on some jobs i.e. water heater, gas line, remodel for example. Only you the home owner (owner/builder) or a License plumbing contractor can obtain the necessary permit(s) for your particular job. Obtaining this permit is additional cost of 50.00 plus permit provided no drawings and or calculations are required.


Email to or 1-702-645-0379 

We specialize in Residential Bath Remodeling, which includes:

  • Dry rot removal
  • Fixtures and Faucets Replacement.
  • Sheetrock Replacement, including taping & texturing.
  • Marble, ceramic tile installations available by Boulder Tile and Stone
  • Custom Plumbing ( for your design & build home.
  • Repiping of your existing home, waste, water or both.
  • Gas installation a specialty. Gas ranges, barbeques, fireplaces, swim pools.
  • Installation of your, our or their products.
  • Light and finish carpentry.
  • Hauling available.

Call 1.702.645.0379 or e-mail, our initial consultation fee is free 
for the first hour in the above-mentioned type work, North West Area only

Water Treatment:

  • Water Softener installation. ( We recommend Sears ). Most softeners do basically the same thing. Softeners are commonly called ion exchangers in our trade because the negatively charged resins (inside the water softener tank) attracts the positively charged sodium (salt) during the brining cycle. When hard water (calcium/magnesium) enters the resin tank the sodium is displaced because hard water has more of an attraction to the resins then sodium which gives you soft water. Sears has an excellent warranty program and you can’t beat Sears in pricing.  H2O Plumbing Services is a former Sears water softener installer.
  • Repairs on most type of water softeners depending on brand names i.e. Sears, NorthStar, Bruners and Fleck to name a few. Having the owner manual of your softener is helpful. 
  • Reverse Osmosis: We sell, install and service Water Factory Systems Reverse Osmosis System.
  • Atlantic Ultra Violet Systems.
  • McClean Softener and Backwasher (reduced particulate to 20 microns).