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"How sad. Through this time I have come to understand a lawyer who"

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Gay Latina pornstar

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Yohn 1 month ago
Did Sessions recommend that?
Majind 1 month ago
Atheists don't actually care if you have a manger scene on private property or prayer is said. The lawsuits are to allow atheists in the public square if religion is allowed in the public square. The lawsuits to remove things such as mangers from the public square are often done by theists.
Nill 1 month ago
This sounds exactly like a description of trump.
Kekinos 4 weeks ago
You are gross
Brasar 3 weeks ago
I?ve all but satisfied my secret desires. The only one left is.....a secret!??
Dojin 3 weeks ago
How do you feel about the FSM?
Tamuro 3 weeks ago
Sorry, citizens choose how to support the commons and workers. The Commons is an Adam Smith idea. I believe that is capitalism. I also notice this our government moves beyond the Constitution all the time. Imminent Domain for freeways seems like support for the Commons.
Fetilar 1 week ago
You need a spanking
Mazukree 1 week ago
LOL! .... wrong. The government (Republicans) are still borrowing from Social Security, and U.S. Treasury notes are still going into the "Social Security Trust Fund" to pay for the government that SHOULD be paid for by income taxes, not FICA taxes.


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