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"The person you quoted gives zero citation for her statement and there is no mention of a time period. The idea that such a huge number of school-employed perpetrators and victims would go unreported is simply ludicrous. In the RCC, there was/is an entrenched hierarchy that in nearly every single case actively sought to silence the accusers and abet the perpetrators. The idea that that would be the case in US public schools is equally ludicrous."

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Nipponjin mature woman has intercourse Asian tube
Nipponjin mature woman has intercourse Asian tube

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Taulmaran 1 month ago
Read about Jennifer Rees larcombe. I have met her many times.
Mabei 1 month ago
Thats what I got too lol
Tauzshura 1 month ago
Just to be snarky, not to derail your valid point, a book I read had a reply to that I found amusing, to wit: "...who wants *flies*??"
Sazil 1 month ago
Yeah, she's already been there a few weeks now, right?
Jum 1 month ago
I won't dispute your point. I've lived long enough to have seen what you are talking about. And it is exactly true. My brother was actually once an Amazon employee filling orders. It was pretty draconian. He was eventually fired for poor job performance as his production was constantly monitored by electronic means. The funny thing is that after being fired, they wanted him to come back and work because they needed him. My brother was not lazy. He actually finished a PhD in humanities and couldn't get a teaching job. There he was filling orders at Amazon among a lot of others who had lost jobs in the financial crisis.
Bazil 1 month ago
Post a pic alone day... your favorite. I wanna see that bass you are always hiding ?????? Good night love ...sleep tight. I?ll catch you in your dreams again. ??????
Nipponjin mature woman has intercourse Asian tube


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