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""So the multiple legal challenges to stop the release of the report came from?" Individuals. I suspect that some had help from the Catholic League, Donahue's corrupt lobbying arm of terribleness."

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Caressing my ass ass secretary
Caressing my ass ass secretary

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Zunos 7 months ago
The topic is about free speech, not about the absence of an employment contract.
JoJobar 6 months ago
Don?t make statements if you?re going to be a smart aleck when people refute them!
Maum 6 months ago
Trump went to his medical just as every draftee had to.
Nagis 6 months ago
No, I'm not arguing that "the only people who don't show favoritism are atheists who don't have any religious symbols or artifacts". I am not arguing anything about people. I am arguing that the US government is not allowed to favor one religion over another or over no religion. The ten commandments displays in courtrooms have been ruled allowable on the grounds that such are historical-educational displays regarding formation of law. If such were seen as religious, the displays would not be allowed- and in some places they are seen as such and they are is not allowed. Most judges do not wear religious symbols in the courtroom, although there is no constitutional objection preventing them as individuals from doing so.
Zulkirisar 6 months ago
The true meaning of bitch.
Vilrajas 6 months ago
well then you don't understand the actual costs of social assistance programs are MUCH more than the face value of the benefit.
Daile 6 months ago
Dear Squish for Brains. Get out more and stop thinking judging others presumptuously makes you knowledgeable in adequate ways, and happy for that matter. You confuse Apples and Oranges like a 3 year old child, suggesting you would benefit greatly from Therapeutic Psychology.
Tesar 5 months ago
In these Hi-profile cases since When Dont high price Defense Lawyers Appeal
Bajas 5 months ago
They should not have brought up a social wedge issue; correct. The courts ordered the baker was being discriminated against.
Caressing my ass ass secretary


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