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Air Gap

An Air Gap is simply as stated a gap of air between two objects in plumbing it’s a sanitary term. Since plumbing deals with sewer waste and potable water system there is always a chance for cross contamination. There fore in sink involve in food preparation shall drain indirectly to another drain via an air gap. Air gap have a minimum gap of at least 1 inch of air space between 2 drains. Normally between a food prep sink and its floor drain.

Air Gaps
In residential, plumbing codes requires air gap application for your dishwasher and water softener as well as reverse osmosis systems.

The City of Las Vegas Building Department requires Aip Gap on water Softener Drains. Sample of Installation below.

Your water softener has a drain, most homes have a water softener loop in the garage area (incoming and outgoing) which is a copper piping that comes out of the wall has 2 90 degree fitting and return into wall. This tube is normally cut when installing your water softener, one pipe will install to the incoming side of softener and and the other pipe will install to the outlet side of the softener. there a 3 copper line close by which is the drain that your softener drain will install to. The other end on that drain line normally goes over to your washing machine drain line. which is shown in the picture above.