toilet is leaking

Plumbing Tips and Helpful Hints

How to check for a leaking toilet from its tank to its bowl.

First shut off your angle stop located on the lower left hand side of your toilet bowl. To shut off turn handle clockwise.

Angle Stop

If your toilet flapper is leaking the water in your tank will gradually lose its water to the bowl. Shut the angle stop off before you go to bed and see if the water has drain out of the tank in the morning. If so you will need to replace the flapper. No problem.

With your angle stop ( some folks call this valve a water shut off valve ) still off. Remove the flapper from its toilet handle and then from its flush valve.

toilet hande

Toilet handle is connected to your flapper.

Flapper ( your flapper may or may not look exactly like this one).

The chain or rubber linkage with the hook on the end is attached by the hook to your toilet handle.
The flapper itself is attached to the flush valve’s ears. Simply pull the flapper off these ears.

Flush valve

Flush Valve.

Now take your flapper to your local hardware or home improvement center for a match up.

Another option to find a leak in your toilet is by putting food coloring into your toilet tank (make sure its a color you can see clearly in water such as blue, green or red. Wait at least 15 to 20 minutes and see if this color water come in to your tank on its own. .