Tub replacement tips

Demolition: Most tubs in the valley are one piece fiberglass. Why/ because it low cost for the builder. Its put in during construction and now to replace it you the builder will have to cut this tub in 2 or 3 pieces ( fiberglass dust, yuk!) to remove it.
Any way as the picture above illustrates the tub lip is for nailing the tub to the studs walls and then to install sheetrock to cover the nailer or tub lips. There fore to get access to the nailing strip you will have to remove around 2 inches of sheetrock to expose the nailer and remove all nails so you can remove this one piece tub. After nails are remove you need to disconnect all expose plumbing such as shower head, tub handle and its spout, cover plate, trip lever in the tub if any and drain strainer and maybe some floor material. I normally take a sawzall and cut through the middle starting at the top of surround and working down and then across the tub itself then remove the tub. 

NOTE: this nailing strip start at the bottom of tub and runs all the way around the top of tub to the other side of bottom have fun.

Since this is a tub replacement a number of steps will have to be consider>
1. Demolition in first picture

2. Picture 2: Check back wall and one of the side walls for square its essential that 2 wall are square and the tub itself is level for your finish tile, marble ect. to look right and lessen cut pieces on the on your horizontal line.

3. Picture 3: Installing substrate is fairly easy. The substrate is installed on the top lip on tub as shown above and the finish material(s) is installed about a 1/8 from tub finish for expansion and contraction and caulked with silicone.